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My wife has long spurts of air coming from her vagina with some light bleeding.

By Anonymous from Dahlonega ga on March 20, 2006 in Womens Health

My wife is 49 years old and she has no insurance so we don't no what type of doctor to take her to. We can't afford to waste what little money we have. Any help would be helpful as she has no insurance at this time and is totally disabled. She has applied for social security and it takes a long time to get approved for this.She has mixed connective tissue disease. Lupus, Thyroid disease, raynauds, mitral valve prolaspe with regurgitation, reflux, rheumatoid arthritis, nodules on her fingers and ears,v ery bad swelling of feet, legs fingers and ankles which seems to come and go. Swelling also of the face and around the eyes. The swelling last for a week or more sometimes and makes it difficult to walk.After the swelling goes away the top of her foot feels like the bones are broken and hurt really bad.She also has charlie horses in the calves of the legs that awaken her in the middle of the night.She also has some kind of web looking lines over her eye lids that look white and like a spider web look or a bumpy scar look, about an inch long and 2/8 of an inch wide.They itch sometimes.A lot of stomach bloating.Makes it hard to eat sometimes.Swallowing problems also.Gets choked on pills,food and even water sometimes. She takes Morphine for pain from a cervical fusion with a titannium plate and for arthritis pain.Also,lortab,soma for muscle spasms of the neck and throat.Xanax for anxiety,metoprolol for high blood pressure. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank You so much.

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